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Chi Chair


The Chi Chair is an intuitively-driven, gravity-powered lounge.
It moves your body in a three dimensional circular motion
simulating floating in space.

By slowly moving your arms and/or legs,
you experience muscle stretch and stimulation
along with a sense of weightless motion.

This pleasant experience produces a harmony of mind and body.
The result is reduced stress and gentle exercise.

Motion is subtle body movement.
Thought and action become synchronous.

Traditional Chinese medicine embraces the profoundly elegant concept of internal energy called "Chi". This vital life force is also called "breath".

The vital force of breathing is equally matched by the vital force of fluid motion within the body.  Proper use of the Chi Chair promotes a healthy circulation of body fluids. The resulting increase in Chi helps combat stress and static toxins.

Strong and unobstructed flow of Chi allows the body to unwind and to strengthen itself naturally.


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