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  • We create motion devices that are tools for personal transformation, learning and self-healing.
  • The company has accepted the challenge of the alchemist - and is applying the technology of motion to creating life-enhancing experiences.
  • We invite you to join us on this journey-and to experience modern magic.


The new millenium is an age of challenge and change. With change and challenge come uncertainty. It is uncertainty that motivates us to search for new ways, new ideas, and new technologies to solve existing problems. Our dream has been to define tools that meet these challenges-while also integrating body and mind.

Because we live in a world that judges our worthiness by our ability to focus, learn and perform, we also live in a time of accelerated stress. The American Medical Association contends that 90% of all illness is stress-related. There are few tools to help us handle our stress successfully so that we can consistently achieve personal excellence.

Integrative Motion Systems are such tools. For people who use and enjoy motion devices, time stands still, breathing deepens, and thinking calms. These people enjoy a stillness-an inner peace. For many of them, motion devices create a profound state of deep relaxation, creating a gentle, flowing, internal world... - and an ideal environment for stress recovery.

Long ago in the days of King Arthur, Merlin, and Camelot, there were potions, concoctions, and spells that people relied on to achieve their miraculous transformations. And now, hundreds of years later; we again search for the tools of the modern alchemist-as we look for ways to free ourselves from the incessant demands of today's lifestyle and return to serenity and excellence. This modern day elixir has a name; its name is motion.


Motion devices move fluids through the body and brain. These fluids provide additional oxygen and nutrients which alter our perceptions, allowing us to respond differently to stimuli in our environment. Motion, used with other technologies such as light, sound and vibration, stimulates the brain. These modalities can alter neuro-chemistry, increase serotonin, dopamine and other neuropeptides and help us optimize personal performance.

Despite our eternal quest for knowledge and awareness, we often discover we are creatures of habit. It is habits and patterns that direct our lives. Habits are born out of repetition. New neural pathways are formed by comparing new experiences to previous experiences. This process of comparing the new to the old also perpetuates our resistance to change.

To be released from patterns, we must look at ourselves-and how we learn. Each day we experience 60,000 thoughts-yet more than 95% of them are the same thoughts we had yesterday. To find our potential, we need to alter our patterns and think new thoughts. We need a way to interrupt these repetitive, old, burdensome thoughts. Ironically, it is the safety of the "known" that both protects and limits us.




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