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After using the Symmetron in his research laboratory for the past year, clinical psychologist  Mathew Kelley, PhD. states:

“Everyone who's tried our Symmetron has gone into a significant parasympathetic response. From my years of specializing in relaxation therapies I haven't seen a quicker or better way to get someone into parasympathetic than the Symmetron.”

"The Symmetron gives people an opportunity to experience relaxation as never before."
- Gerald Haman, President,
Creative Learning International
Editor of The Innovator Newsletter

"It's a full body/mind healing system."
                - Constance Demby, Recording Artist

To: "larry shultz" <>
Subject: Letter of Recommendation for Symmetron Chair
Date: Tuesday, February 03, 2004 9:26 AM

To Whom It May Concern:

In October 2003, I celebrated my 5-year anniversary as breast cancer survivor.

My golf teaching pro, Colleen Esslinger, introduced me to Dr. Rayma-Ditson Sommer's biofeedback therapy using her Sportlink training device in conjunction with Larry Shultz's Symmetron chair in December of 2002.

When I met Dr. Rayma-Ditson Sommer, I took 200 mg of Zoloft every day and I routinely medicated myself with up to 2 mg of Xanex every day.  I became depressed and anxious relating to my ordeal with breast cancer and I developed chest pains but nothing was wrong with my heart.

After doing biofeedback with Dr. Sommer for only one month, in January of 2003, I purchased my own Symmetron Chair for home use in conjunction with Dr. Sommer's Sportlink training device.  I enjoy biofeedback for 40 to 50 minutes every morning using my Symmetron chair in conjunction with Dr. Sommer's Sportlink training device.  If I feel stressed, I do the biofeedback again for 30 minutes in the afternoon.

After one year of using this biofeedback therapy, I have eliminated the Xanex totally and I have reduced my Zoloft to 150 mg a day.  I am decreasing my dosage of Zoloft slowly; but eventually, I plan to eliminate it totally because I feel so much better than I did before finding this amazing biofeedback regime.

I highly recommend Dr. Rayma-Ditson Sommer for her Sportlink training device and Larry Shultz for his Symmetron chair.  The quality of my life has definitely improved since finding both of them!  I plan to use these wellness devices for the rest of my life.  They make me feel so good, I can't imagine life without them.

Sincerely, Linda Tucker

August 5, 2003

Dear Larry,
Feel free to use the following comments regarding your Chi Chair anyway that you would like.  I really do appreciate it.

“After retiring from a 38 year career as a flight attendant, I discovered that the stress, tension, and muscle aches all continued.  Complete relaxation was impossible.  If my disturbance wasn’t physical, it would be emotional. I had difficulty adjusting.

When I saw the Chi Chair, I knew it was for me.  I had to have one.  I not only feel more in tune and aligned within myself, I have a sense of floating, flying, I surrender into it, and it carries me to that last release of every bit of tension.  Thank you for this wonderful addition to my retirement.

Pat Mc...

Gerald Haman, President,
Creative Learning International
Editor of The Innovator Newsletter
"The Symmetron chair has reduced my stress and fostered my creativity. It has become one of my most useful productivity tools."
Constance Demby, Recording Artist
"That chair - WOW! What an experience. It felt like a full body massage. The way the chair is positioned took all the stress off-and the slow floating was ecstatic!'
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